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OTM Highlights 2014

The Story

Odysseus must leave his wife and newborn son to fight in the war of Troy. After ten years of fighting, the Greeks start the journey home. Driven by the gods, they come across the Lotus Eaters, the Cyclops, Aeolus, and Circe before they visit the Underworld. Learning of their destiny, they continue on their journey, bypassing the Sirens. Arriving at the Sun God’s island, Odysseus’ men kill the cattle, although they are warned that this would bring about their death. When they leave the island, a great storm hits their boat and everyone, except Odysseus, is killed. Saved by Calypso, Odysseus spends seven years on her island, until the Gods finally allow him to return home. With the help of the Phaeacians, he makes it back to Ithaca, and finds his palace overrun with suitors. Disguised as a beggar, and with the help of his son, swineherd and Athena, he kills the suitors and is reunited with Penelope.


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